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Can water express a story? Absolutely, and our purpose is to showcase the journey, story, and distinct differences of fine waters by bringing attention to this gorgeous category of beverages. Similar to wine, fine waters from around the world evoke their own terrior and yield themselves from different sources. Spring and artesian waters are just the start, as tree, rain, and iceberg waters boast their own bountiful beauty.

As Fine Water Sommeliers, we provide an experience that will enlighten your understanding and appreciation of waters from around the world. Our tasting experiences can be both for education and entertainment. We offer the following experiences, so let us pour you a glass:

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Whether it is for an executive retreat, conference, or any special event, offer your attendees a unique experience with a fine water tasting, and we can tailor them in fun, entertaining and educational ways


Are you a chef, restaurant, or venue who needs guidance on crafting the perfect water menu, contact us...we can help!


Want to share unique and story-telling fine water with others? Let us help you source and craft the perfect gift for your guests/attendees. 



your sommeliers


Cori and Christine love water - sparkling, still, what is the best? It's that simple passion that led them to take a Fine Water 101 course from the Fine Water Academy. Their curiosity to gain more knowledge meant the next step was to become certified Water Sommeliers. After months of training, tasting and tests, they are excited to share their passion and continue to learn about the many water sources around the globe and the story each has to share. 


cori bokath

Cori is a graduate of Mercer University, with a degree in both Communications and Spanish. Cori is currently the director of a meeting planning company in the Atlanta area. She has worked in the meetings and events industry for over 20 years and has worked with a variety of clients. She has been married to her husband Brett for 11 years and has one daughter. In her free time, she spends it searching and trying out new waters, discovering new restaurants, gardening, and entertaining friends and family.


christine hilgert

Christine is a graduate of Florida State University, with a focus on Hospitality Management. Her career began in the private club industry where managed special events and food & beverage. She then fell into the meeting and association management industry, where she has been for over 20 years. She loves to “fill her glass” with many activities from becoming a certified high school fencing referee to paddleboarding any chance she gets. After participating in a water tasting, she had a quench to try something new and showcase the opportunities water can provide.  In her free time she enjoys working out, finding new waters and restaurants and of course has a love for travel.


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We would love to help you craft the perfect epicurean experience! 

Email us today for booking availability and ideas.

We would love to help you craft the perfect epicurean experience! 

Call us today for booking availability and ideas.

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